West Hills, CA Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

When hiring Mike DuctWorks for air duct or dryer vent cleaning in West Hills, CA area, it is important that you also familiarize yourself with the processes involved with it. You do not really need to learn the steps like a pro. All you need is to find out the things that we as a company can do for you, when it comes to the air duct and dryer vent cleaning. This is so you can appreciate what we’re offering.
Assessment is the first step involved when it comes to cleaning your air duct or dryer vent. Mike DuctWorks will conduct inspections on your HVAC system before we proceed with the actual cleaning. The process might require removing the vent covers and then inserting a camera in it so as to check which parts are filled with debris, dusts, dirt and grime.
Right after the assessment, the cleaning specialist will then inform you of what he saw in your HVAC system and will discuss to you the kind of air duct and dryer vent cleaning processes that we will perform.


After the assessment and the inspection, the next step is the general cleaning of the HVAC system. The technicians will make use of some equipment, such as air hoses, vacuum, brushes and other special cleaning agents in order to infiltrate the system and clean the equipment well. As a company, Mike DuctWorks solves your air duct cleaning West Hills, CA needs by using high tech equipment and tools in cleaning so as to ensure that you will be satisfied with our services.
A highly certified company such as Mike DuctWorks will not only provide air duct and dryer vent services, we will also disinfect your equipment so as to make sure that all the bacteria that are trapped inside the system will not cause harm to your health. We will make use of some special chemicals and other cleaning agents in order to kill the germs and viruses that might have gotten in the equipment. You might think that hiring a company for your duct cleaning needs is just a big waste of money, but just think of the health benefits that come with it. Remember that the cost of medication these days is getting more and more expensive so do not allow your family to get sick due to the germs and bacteria that are trapped inside your HVAC system.

Importance of Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is absolutely important. As mentioned, if you don’t get your air ducts cleaned regularly, your air conditioning system will suddenly stop working and you and your entire family will have to suffer from the heat. Aside from that, having dirty air ducts is also dangerous for your health since the germs and bacteria coming from those trapped dirt and debris could contaminate your air indoors. As a result, you or any of your family members could get sick.
Dryer vent cleaning is also one of the services that we are capable of providing. This is also important in keeping your home comfortable and this is also for the safety of everyone. If you are not aware, a dryer vent that is filled with lint and other debris could lead to fire. The lint that got accumulated will inflame once it gets to the heating elements of your dryer.
If you notice that your air ducts and dryer vent are filled with dust and other particles, call us immediately so we can schedule for an inspection and discuss with you our dryer vent cleaning as well as air duct cleaning services.

Importance of Attic and Crawl Space Cleaning

The attic and crawl space in our house are absolutely difficult to clean. Can you imagine yourself climbing all the way up and crawling through that dark small area in your house? What’s worse is that such area might be littered with all sorts of debris and might even be infested with animal feces and urine. So do not attempt to clean your attic or crawl space on your own. Call us and we will handle the attic cleaning for you. We are not only experts on this task, but we are also equipped with the necessary tools and equipment that can get the job done in the best way possible.
Aside from cleaning your attic and crawl space, we also specialize in rodent infestation and decontamination. You may not be aware, but your attic and crawl space might be filled with dead rodents, animal feces and urine and several harmful bacteria. In our several years of providing attic cleaning services, we have already encountered several heavily infested attic and crawl space, yet we were able to handle the task with ease.

Insulation Replacement and Repair

There are various reasons why you need your home insulation replaced. You may not give much importance to your home insulation now, but later on, you might realize that having a damaged insulation could lead to several problems. The material of your home insulation could get damaged with wear and tear and if you don’t address this issue, your indoor air could escape and thus, you will end up paying more for your electricity consumption. If you notice that your home insulation has slight damages in them, call us immediately so we can do the necessary inspection and assess the damages. We will advise you on what needs to be done and will schedule a date for the job to be done.
When we take away your old insulation, we will make sure that the work is done in a professional manner. We will bag up the old insulation materials and dispose them properly. We can assure you that we will leave your home with no traces of mess left behind. Now that you realize the importance of having a clean air duct and dryer vent, as well as having clean attic and crawl space, it’s time that you call us so we can schedule for a visit in your home and discuss the best options to address your issues. Whether its air duct and dryer vent cleaning, attic and crawl space cleaning, or perhaps, insulation replacement, we at Mike Ductworks can do it for you.

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