Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning Services.

The indoor air quality in your home is one of the most important health benefits that you and your family deserve to enjoy. Therefore, it is absolutely important that you keep it clean and free from bacteria that could put you and your family’s health at risk. If your indoor air is infested with bacteria and other viruses, you could end up with allergies, cardiac health issues, pulmonary illnesses, and other diseases. So to avoid this, the US Environmental Protection Agency has recommended for a regular air duct cleaning for all homeowners in Los Angeles. But there is no need to worry, for you won’t have to do it yourself. We at Mike Ductworks can do it for you. Having been in the business for so long now, we are well capable of providing you with professional cleaning services in order to keep your indoor air quality clean at all times. Nowadays, most homes in Los Angeles have a central air system, which connects air ducts in order to move conditioned air indoors.


Over time, the air system as well as the connecting air ducts could accumulate dust and debris which could affect the overall quality of the air indoors. We are aware that having clean air can promote healthy living and minimize the risk of runny nose, persistent cough, allergies, headaches, and many more. Our team of professionals will make sure to keep your surroundings clean, for aside from cleaning your air ducts, they also provide attic cleaning services.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is the type of service where the heating as well as the cooling components of your HVAC system will undergo an extensive cleanup. We at Mike Ductworks will make sure to clean your HVAC system well, including the return and supply air ducts, the grills, registers, heat exchangers, as well as the diffusers and cooling coils. We do not merely wipe your HVAC system components. If there is moisture present, we will get rid of this and make sure that any molds will be totally removed. These contaminants could lead to allergic reactions if you and your family will be exposed to them. If you hire us for air duct cleaning services, we will make sure that everything in the HVAC system will be totally cleaned and will be free from any harmful organisms.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Another important thing to consider aside from keeping your indoor air quality clean is to keep your home safe. If you are not aware, one of the major causes of fire all over Los Angeles and in various cities in the United States is a dysfunctional dryer vent. If you don’t adhere to regular dryer vent cleaning services, the buildup of lint in your dryer vent eventually get to the heating elements of your dryer and will soon inflame. Do not let fire to ruin your household, call us now so we can schedule for a cleanup of your dryer vent. We are experts in this field and we are fully equipped with high powered vacuum and other tools that will efficiently get the job done. Unlike other companies that provide dryer vent cleaning services, we at Mike Ductworks will clean your dryer vent from both sides. With the use of our vacuum, we will blow the dryer vent out coming from the lint screen and run a brush from the outside going to the inside.

Attic Cleaning

Your attic is one of the dirtiest areas in your house. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most neglected areas. If you notice some molds in your attic, call us immediately so we can do the necessary inspection and will address it in the best way we can. Do not wait for the time to come that this will escalate to an even bigger problem. Also, never try to attempt to climb on your attic and clean it up yourself. Attic cleaning is a pretty dangerous job and you could end up risking your life if you are not trained on this aspect. Our team of cleaning specialists is trained when it comes to cleaning attic and crawling space and they have the right tools that will do the job in the safest way possible.

Insulation Replacement

Animals such as rats, raccoons, bats and squirrels love to linger on our attic and eventually, they contaminate your home insulation with feces, urine and other dangerous contaminants. These needs to be removed or these disease causing contaminants will linger on your home insulation and will contaminate the air that would get in and out of your HVAC system. Mike Ductworks provides partial or full insulation replacement services. Getting your insulation replaced will not only freshen up your attic and crawling space, but it will also save you money from energy costs. We only make use of high quality insulation materials which are guaranteed to last for several years.

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